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‘Give the reindeer masks and the elves,’ Kid writes Santa letter not asking for toys but instead gives COVID-19 safety advice

"He should spray his sleigh all of the presents nice and clean," Braxton Knight wrote in his letter to Santa.

HAW RIVER, N.C. — Most kids ask Santa Claus for toys but not one 5th grader who’s more concerned about the big guy in red’s health before the big night!

Braxton Knight, a student at Haw River Elementary wants Santa safe and well for Christmas Eve!

He wrote Santa a letter wishing for him to be safe from the coronavirus as he delivers Christmas presents to kids around the world.

Braxton wrote in part: “He needs to wear a mask over his face. He should always keep hand sanitizer in his pockets. He should spray his sleigh all of the presents nice and clean, give the reindeer a mask and the elves, and he needs to wear gloves too."

Braxton’s teacher gave the students an assignment to pick a holiday topic and that’s what he picked. He even drew a picture so Santa would better understand what safety precautions to take on Christmas Eve.

Braxton also said Santa should quarantine now so he’ll be healthy for his sleigh ride.