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How inflation could impact Fourth of July celebrations in Arkansas

Ahead of the Fourth of July, firework sellers have noticed that the price have continued to soar. So, what impact will this have on celebrations in Arkansas?

CLINTON, Ark — As we get closer to the Fourth of July, the price of sky rockets have soared according to Arkansas firework sellers.

Inflation is hitting local fireworks stands ahead of the holiday weekend leaving owners wondering if the Fourth will be a bang or a bust. 

"If it started out costing maybe $5 or $5.50, than it maybe costs $6 now," Michael Stramiello with Frosty's Fireworks.

According to Stramiello, some fireworks were cheaper to buy just 6-months ago. That's why he decided to start stocking up on fireworks back in January. 

He said the cost for shipping fireworks has been a major issue and that he knew it would get worse before it got better. With that in mind, purchasing the supplies early, meant he didn't have to increase his prices as much.

"We were able to get our fireworks earlier, which helped us combat having to pay higher prices because it seems like every month the price of fireworks wanted to go up more and more," Stramiello said. 

He said he's had friends at other tents who weren't able to get enough supplies based on the shipping costs. 

The issues are impacting tents around the state, including at Coach's Fireworks where they're optimistic about doing business this holiday, but have run into some of the same problems. 

"We doubled our orders this year. We did have some problems with shipping, trying to get things over with our distributor, but we got it all in and we're ready to go," co-owner, Aaron Brister said. 

He said business has been slow in the beginning, but loyal customers have been coming back. 

Brister has had to increase the prices, but still believes that the tradition of fireworks won't go away this year despite inflation.

"We've had COVID, it's kept people at home. Gas prices are up and they're not going to travel as far. They're going to stay home with their families and enjoy that time. I think it's going to be great," Brister said. 



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