It’s called the “Midland Hills 'Never on time at 9' Fourth of July Parade." Its name conveys the relaxed attitude of this event.

The event is actually nothing more than costumed neighbors getting together for an elaborate walk.

A fire truck from a nearby station always starts it. There are dozens of kids on scooters, bikes, and strollers. There are dogs, and even a ferret, that accompanies a red, white, and blue stroll through. 

There’s an Uncle Sam and every kind of red, white, and blue costume accessory imaginable. After six blocks, the entire parade ends up on Colonial Court, where there is a reading of the “Declaration of Independence.” 

The reading comes complete with cheering and appropriate booing when Brent Walker, the reader, gets to the part that lists the grievances against the tyrant king.

The whole thing takes 45 minutes. It's short, sweet, fun, active, and totally worth it. This parade has come to mean so much to this area, that it has now been held 43 times. 

Hundreds of neighbors gathered outside their homes - mingling, cheering, celebrating, and bonding. There's nothing more American than that.