NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Package thefts are all too common this time of year but there are some mail carriers who are going above and beyond to keep them secure.

Stephen Robinson doesn't look like your typical mailman, he decided to dress as Santa to bring Christmas cheer to those who are near.

“It helps get people in the holiday spirit and they get to take pictures because some of them don't get to go to the mall and take pictures and Santa Claus just comes to their door,” he said.

Dressing as Santa isn't the only thing he's going out of his way to do this holiday season.

He has his list, he's checking it twice, and making sure everyone's packages are hidden out of sight. He said the holidays are primetime for package thieves

“It's just easy driving down the street and they see them sitting on porches and they can just run up and get them then run back to their vehicle and take off,” he said.

Robinson said he and other mailmen do the best they can to protect your mail.

“We try to hide them behind things or hide them in bins people put out and we are coming in early to deliver packages so people can get them before they head to work and put them inside,” he said.

Some mailmen even go as far as hiding your packages under leaves.

“I know whenever I get home I want all my stuff there and I know these people want theirs,” Robinson said.

If you won't be home and are worried about your packages, you can request to have them kept at the post office until you have time to pick them up.