LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We're in winter right now and there is a lot of us in the South with plants that have survived the cold snaps we have had at night and some of them like you can see around Chris are dead.

Be careful what you pull out because even though some things are seasonal color or annuals they can be winter hardy in the South depending on where you live.

Chris lives in zone seven to eight so it makes a big difference.

Like the Lantana, it looks pretty bad right now but what Chris is going to do is not cut it back yet.

He is going to wait another month or so until it gets really cold. Then he'll cut it back to the ground and re-mulch over it about three to four inches.

That will help protect the root system and protect the top of the plant, the crown, so that it may come back next year.

So, you might want to wait and see because by mid-April you will see it coming back and you will know that it survived. Other things like the Elephant Ears, they're going to come back too.

They are upright Elephant Ears and they don't look very good but you can still see some green on them. He'll cut them back in about a month as well.

Other things he already pulled out and when he pulled them out and went ahead and planted pansies and bulbs, Spring blooming bulbs. You don't want to wait too late to plant pansies and that type of thing.

If it gets really cold it's not that they will die it's that they will be hit hard and it will take them a while to bounce out of it when it comes to Springtime. So, remember, be patient! It's almost time to do your winter chores.