LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – It’s winter and you’re thinking “What kind of plants can I plant to have color in the winter time?”

Now there are so many different varieties of plants that can be their foliage or some plants even bloom in the winter time. It depends upon your winter if it’s a mild winter you are going to have good luck with a lot of plants.

For example, this is Ligularia. Now it’s already winter time and it’s still blooming these beautiful yellow Daisy flowers. But forget about the flowers look at the foliage! It’s got big round leaves that look like Lily Pads!

It’s a wonderful plant it grows anywhere you would grow a Hosta for the most part. This Ligularia is called Gigantica, the big leaf. There’s Bronze Ligularia, there is a Leopard Ligularia that has speckles on it.

All different varieties and some nurseries don’t carry them, Chris Olsen has these grown for his own nurseries but you can find them in catalogues as well or online. Now some other plants you can grow are the Variegated Pittosporum.

Chris loves this plant because of its Variegated Foliage. It can grow in zones 8, 7 and probably down to 6. After that, it may really burn too much. It has great foliage, great cut plant if you want to bring some foliage indoors as well in the winter time.

One of Chris's favorites is Sasanqua Camellia because they bloom in the winter. Chris has what is called Yuletide because obviously it is red and it always blooms during the Christmas all the way until February believe it or not.

Add a few of these to your yard you are going to have one awesome landscape.