LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - You know there is a big debate about what type of live garland should someone use indoors.

Well, Chris H. Olsen has his own theories on this and let him tell you what he loves. First of all, he likes to use Boxwoods and use Magnolia because these leaves usually don’t drop and it takes at least weeks before they may start to drop - so they last such a long time.

He also likes to use Cedar - what he doesn't like to use are things that have needles. So, Frazier Fur, Noble Fur - that type of thing - if they dry out quick enough they are going to drop constantly and you’re going to be spending the whole four weeks of December cleaning up their little needles.

But here is a few things you might want to consider. When you use Garland - try not to use them over fireplaces that you use all the time - if they are live fresh garland. There you might want to use artificial. At this fireplace we have beautiful Boxwood. This Garland is thick and plump and its dressed up with these beautiful Pinecones and of course red ribbon.

You can also do Magnolia. What is great about Magnolia is - when it dries it still looks great. This Magnolia is coming down the staircase and it's just a drift of big beautiful drift of Magnolia Garland with burlap ribbon. So it doesn’t have the color red - but it has natural burlap giving it a very beautiful hometown old look. So remember when it comes to garland - use something that has leaves and not needles and it's going to last you throughout the whole entire holiday season.