LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Merry Christmas! Chris H. Olsen is loving this holiday decor because it has an old-fashioned vintage feel. First starting with a sign that says Merry Christmas. Even though it looks old its actually new and its made from LED lights - so it will last for years and years to come.

What is great about this decor is the center window. It does not have a wreath if you will notice because it’s the tree they want to show. This Christmas tree is not only beautiful from the inside but also from the outside. It has white lights - little miniature lights as well as old fashioned C-9 lights which are in color - covered in vintage ornaments.

Now for the outside - the rest of the windows - they all have the wreath. These are artificial believe it or not - but they look so real - so spend a little extra money and buy the good silk wreaths. They are also of course pre-lit. Look at the balconies - they are also dressed with garland and swagged with another wreath in the middle and of course more red ribbon.

But what he really likes are the two pots on the ends of this house because they have what’s called a loquat tree - which is a multi trunked tree - and its actually the tree trunks that are wrapped - but the pots are also decorated with old C-9 colored lights mimicking the Christmas Tree in the center window.

At the bottom of the steps are these great Noel candles which are plastic - also LED lit - but they look so vintage.