LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - You know when it comes to Landscape Design, Chris H. Olsen doesn’t think just about how beautiful it’s going to be. He also thinks about the function of it.

Of course, function about how the family is going to use the yard. But what about wildlife? Chris is not disciplined enough to put a bird feeder out and keep the seed in it.

So instead he plants certain plants that birds love. For example, when you do a landscape you want areas where they can stay undercover, therefore they will be more attracted to your yard.

You also need food sources. Chris likes to grow different types of Hollies and there are a few that are his favorite.

The first one is called Mary Nell Holly. Chris put them in this April but they are covered in red berries already. Then there is the Burfordi Holly and also known as Dwarf Burfordi if you want the smaller variety.

It’s also drenched in Red Berries. A great smaller type of hedge. But if you want a big Holly, you should go with the Savanna Holly which happens to be one of Chris’s favorites because he likes the natural shape of it.

It kind of grows naturally like a Christmas tree cone shape without hedging it but its foliage is a little bit lighter green. It’s covered and covered in all these Red Berries and not only do the birds love it. Chris loves it because he can cut it and bring it indoors. Remember Hollies are generally easy to grow and if they get broken in an ice or snow storm they still rebound and grow back.

So, think about Hollies in your landscape design.