"Just Hanging Around"

If you don't have the space for houseplants then think again. Hanging houseplants are not only stylish but create healthy air and thus a healthier environment for you. 

Choosing the right hanging houseplant depends on a few factors such as light, heat, and desired size. If you have a rather dark area then the old fashion pothos works great. 

English Ivy could work but keep in mind that ivies tend to get spider mites indoors so a routine insecticide spray would need to be done. 

Botanica Garden's Chris Olsen loves the hoya plant as well. Depending on the variety, you can have a green leaf one or a variegated variety.  

For sunny locations that are hot, a hanging succulent plant will suffice. Remember that hanging plants usually need more water so what for that as well. 

"Double the Visual Pleasure with a Double Plant Hanger on a Pulley"

Houseplants are coming back in style. Multiple plants all over a room are becoming more and more popular. Hanging plants from the ceiling is a good way to add more plants without taking up floor or table space. 

By adding a simple pulley, you can add two plants to one hanger. This a fantastic easy way to add some greenery and style all at the same time.

What you need:

  • Pulley 
  • Rope, jute or cord
  • Pot with plant
  • Hook to hang by

What you do:

This project could be done with many different variations and levels of complexity. This will be a very simple version.

  • Cut eight pieces of cord eight to ten feet long.
  • With all the cords together,  measuring from one end, tie all cords together using an overhand knot about 3 1/2-4 feet from the end.
  • Take two cords and tie an overhand knot about two feet down from the first knot. Repeat with the remaining six cords. You should have four groups of two.
  • Take one cord from one pair and another from another pair and tie another knot about four inches down from the first set. Repeat with remaining cords.
  • Repeat one last time about 3 inches from the last ones. 
  • Gather all the cords and tie a knot about two inches down from the last set.
  • Starting at the first knot, measure towards the other end about 2 feet or so and tie another knot. 
  • Repeat all the steps fro the end you already did.
  • Put your double hanger on your pulley. 
  • Hang your pulley.
  • Put your pots with plants in your hangers. 
  • Adjust your hangers so that one hangs lower than the other.
  • Stand back and admire your work.