LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We've all done it.

Scrolling through Pinterest, we come up to a project that looks oh so cool. In this case, it's a rustic desk, made for about $60.

A coworker saw it, liked it, and asked Rob Evans if he could build it. He tried, and found out it's easier than it looks.  And it's something you can probably do, too!

The supply list for this rustic desk is surprisingly simple.

Five 2x4's (8-feet long), 

Five 2x6's (6-feet long) and one 1x4. 

Once you get the wood home, it's just a matter of measuring twice and cutting once. Actually 74 cuts. And that's if you don't mess up. Which is why a miter saw comes in handy. You can push your way through with a hand saw, but the project won't be fun. And for angle cuts, all 28 of them, a miter makes it foolproof. 

After a quick cleanup, it's time to get building. To make this desk sturdy, wood glue is an absolute must. When it's dry, it's stronger than the actual wood. To hold it in place, you can use a nail gun, screws, or even clamps. 

Then it's just stacking the pieces of the puzzle. Nailing in the feet. Make two matching legs. Then screw the braces in from the back, so you can't see them. 

Then work on the top. Sanded down, and with pocket holes drilled on the underside. You'll never see nails or screws anywhere on the table.

Fasten the top to the base, again with pocket hole screws from the bottom so you don't see them. 

It's time to stain! One coat of stain is all you'll need. You'll want to see the knots, the scratches and the grain. That's what makes each one of the builds unique. All for less than $60 in supplies and a handful of hours of labor.

This project came from Pinterest, and, with help from and Ana White. 

Here are the links to the project!