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How to keep your house heated safely during the wintry weather

Temperatures are staying cold for the next several days, and more people are trying to find other ways to keep their home warm.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — As the temperatures stay cooler, more people are trying to find ways to keep their house warm.

But there are a few things you need to know before turning on that space heater or lighting the fireplace.

The Little Rock Fire Department tells us it's all about maintenance.

First, you need to make sure your space heater is clean and properly functioning.

The standard rules of safely using them are: keep them at least three feet away from you or anything flammable, don't use an extension cord, and plug it into an outlet with nothing else using the circuit.

Another issue firefighters see during this time of year... using kitchen stoves and ovens to heat a house.

"It's not made that way. It's made to contain heat, so when you open the door, the elements are exposed," said Captain Jason Weaver with LRFD.

If you are going to light a fire in your fireplace, make sure you have had it inspected and cleaned.

Mike Smith, owner of Rooftop Chimney Services tells us the chimney needs to be inspected once every one to two years. 

You also need to start your fires with a proper igniter.

"You never want to use any paper products to start your fires, such as newspaper or cardboard, or mail," said Smith. "You always want to use a wood-based starting material, like the starter fire bricks you can purchase."

If you ever have a chimney fire break out in your home, Smith says never spray water on the chimney. You want to close the damper and cut off the air that is keeping the fire going.