SALINE COUNTY, Ark — The Dairy Queen in Saline County is celebrating their roots by honoring their owner of the first Dairy Queen in Benton, Ark.

Mr. Tommie Adams served in the Dairy Queen world for 32 years, dating back all the way to the 60's!

On June 20, 1962 Mr. Tommie's father, owner of the Dairy Queen in Hot Springs at the time, called him and told him to come to Benton because there was a Dairy Queen for sale. 

Tommie said, "Great! I've got $600 in my savings account," and the rest is history! Tommie became the owner of the Benton Dairy Queen on July 1, 1962.

Checkout this picture of Mr. Tommie from 1987 on their last day at the old DQ! We cannot wait to celebrate all that Mr. Tommie means to Saline County on Monday!! ❤️

Mr. Tommie will share his stories and favorite memories of the Dairy Queen in Benton. They will have a discounted menu reflecting what he served 32 years ago. Join them from 4-6 p.m. in honoring Mr. Tommie and his legacy with DQ! 

The Dairy Queen in Saline County is located at 2014 HWY 5 North, Benton, Ark. You can find more information on their Facebook page, here.

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