HOT SPRINGS, Ark — Staying healthy and in shape is important at any age, whether you're 28 or 82 or even 101.

One group of ladies in Hot Springs is proof of that. They are taking the saying "age is just a number" to a whole new level. 

The Ho Hum exercise group at First United Methodist Church in Hot Springs is designed for seniors with a goal of "accepting aging while avoiding olding."

“It does us a lot of goo. That's why we all look so good,” laughed Weenie French.

Weenie French is 100-years-old and one of the more “mature” women in the group.

“We just have a grand time,” French said.

However there is one woman in the class who has her beat.

“They said if you keep moving they can’t bury ya,” Mildred Smith said.

Mildred Smith is 101-years-old and still going strong.

“There are people living longer now, but I don't think they are running around like Weenie and I are,” laughed Smith.

However, the Hom Hum class isn't just for seniors.

“I’m just a kid! and I don’t talk as much as they do,” laughed Frances Dalme.

Frances Dalme is 89-years-old and considered one of the “young” ones.

“Young is anything under 100! That’s right, under 100 is young,” laughed French.

Dalme, along with a few others, organized the first class in 2008.

“Weenie kindly joined me in that and then we aged out. Then we asked Verna to do it and she does a great job,” Dalme said.

“We do standing. We do sitting exercises. We use a band. We use weights and we use a ball and we do most of our exercises sitting. The ladies enjoy that,” said Verna Linder.

Verna Linder has led the class since 2013.

“We do stretches and we also do weights, enough to build up muscle and keep muscle. Doing things to prevent falls and watching what we do with our body to keep going and stay on our feet,” Linder said.

However, it’s not just about exercise. The women said their favorite part is at the end when they all come together in fellowship.

“We get together and we exercise and then we eat!” said French.

“You just have to sit and listen to the ladies. They always have something to say and its always amusing. They have their adventures and they will tell you about their adventures. We all enjoy listening and knowing that we are in the same boat,” Linder said.

The Ho Hum exercise group meets every Wednesday and Friday morning. All ages are welcome.

For more information, visit here