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17-year-old Pine Bluff farmer launches business

A Pine Bluff 17-year-old is turning her dreams into reality. The high school junior became interested in agriculture at a young age and now runs her own farm.

PINE BLUFF, Ark. — A Pine Bluff 17-year-old is turning her dreams into reality. 

Rison High School junior Alaina Reeves became interested in agriculture at a young age and now runs her own farm. 

When she isn't at school, you'll find her working on the farm. As a member of FFA, she applies what she's learned to use for her business.

"It was really just a hobby," Alaina Reeves said. "Something fun to do."

That's what Alaina Reeves originally thought back in 2020, but it quickly became much more. 

"I found out I can make a profit from it," Alaina Reeves said.

She launched her business, "Gnome Home Farms" early last year, growing her own mushrooms, microgreens and hatching and selling eggs. 

"I have two basic salad mixes, peas and a spicy salad mix," Alaina Reeves said.

She's currently getting her greenhouse ready for the mushroom season, which starts in a few weeks. 

"I'm currently being hooked on by some chefs, and they were like, when you have mushrooms ready like they keep on asking me and it's not quite a time to be planting yet," Alaina Reeves said.

When it is time, she said she has plenty to sell. 

"I usually get about 20 pounds per season from the bag method and probably 15 from the bucket," Alaina Reeves said.

In addition to selling to chefs and restaurants, she also sells on social media. 

"It's like first come first serve," Alaina Reeves said.

Her mom, Tabatha Reeves, has helped her along the way, learning as they go. 

"I feel like she and the mushroom business have kind of grown up together the last couple of years," Tabitha Reeves said. "It's been a lot of fun."

Alaina Reeves plans to expand the farm and move locations in the years to come and work full-time. 

"I don't plan on going to college and never really have been interested in college," Alaina Reeves said. "I'm probably going to take some online business classes and agribusiness."

She's also interested in teaching others about agriculture too. 

"It's all really fun," Alaina Reeves said. "Learning is probably my favorite part. Because you're always like learning something new."

Click here to see what Alaina is selling.

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