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Arkansas couple gets new home after tornado

An Arkansas couple is getting ready to move into their new home after the March tornado tore apart the house that they lived in for over 20 years.

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — As thousands of Arkansans try to find a sense of normalcy after the March 31 tornado, a Jacksonville couple who lost everything is getting ready to move into their new house with everything they need. 

Earlene and Charles Jones are used to Arkansas' tornado season but didn't expect to be in the storm's direct path.

"My daughter called me and told us that we need to get cover," Earlene Jones said. "It was coming over our house."

The family quickly took cover in their hallway as the tornado tore up their house for 20 years.

"It was something else," Earlene Jones said. "It's just, you'll never forget it does something to you."

They thought it was the house they were going to spend the rest of their lives in, but the storm had other plans.

"We're okay and thankful for everybody that's helped us," Earlene said. 

According to Earlene Jones, they're especially thankful for their realtor, friends and family who helped find them a new home in Bryant.

The family is moving in on April 29, and the house will be fully furnished thanks to the previous owners.

"I was surprised," Earlene Jones said. "They did that.. God bless them. They're wonderful people."

Courtney Jones, the family's broker at Centrury 21, is also making sure the pantry is fully stocked.

"Our agents are always super wanting to get involved with our clients and help with the community," Courtney Jones said. "Several people kind of pitched in together. So we just kind of told the story. And then everybody kind of said, what can we do."

Earlene and Charles Jones were surprised about the pantry.

"I didn't know that was gonna happen," Earlene Jones said. "The realtors, they're all just wonderful people and brought all that food. I can't believe it."

The Jones family is already making memories in their new home with their loved ones at a closer distance.

"My daughter always wanted me to come over to Benton and everything," Earlene Jones said. "Well, we're closer to her now, but it took the tornado." 

They look forward to spending more time with her grandchildren too.

"I can see them growing up... the things that they're doing," Earlene Jones said. "It's going to be good."

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