LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – All this week on THV11, we are featuring 5 individuals we like to refer to as “Super Seniors.”

While some people may retire and relax, these individuals are staying active in their community.

Ellen Kennedy, 76, fell in love with yoga nearly 40 years ago. Five kids, two surgeries and one nursing career later she is still just as passionate about it. 

“For me, every time I’ve had to go through things in life I have yoga to fall back on. It has gotten me through divorces, marriages and babies being born, It’s like my go-to,” said Kennedy.

Now she has gone on to teach classes at Arkansas Yoga Collective in Little Rock. 

“I feel better now. I feel like I’ve gotten more flexible and more energetic. My energy is much better just really doing a daily practice and I really have the time now because I’m retired, other than doing yoga,” said Kennedy. 

Kennedy said she has people of all ages in her classes, including several who are her age. 

“What I love about Ellen’s class is that we seem to be part of a group and that we are all in this together making the best of it,” said Lou Tobian.

When asked when she plans to slow down, Kennedy said don’t plan on it anytime soon. 

“I just saw on Facebook that this woman in her nineties, she is 100 now, in her nineties she started yoga. So you can start anytime,” laughed Kennedy. 

She hopes to continue to inspire people to stay active for a long time to come. 

“I think its inspiring. I hope,” said Kennedy.

For more information about local seniors, visit the AARP website.

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