BRYANT, Ark. — Boom boxes may be a thing of the past, but today they are helping shelter pets in Bryant cope with stress.

Often times when animals step foot into a shelter, they bring along baggage of all sorts, from abuse to neglect.

“They understand this is a transitional period, so they need something to help relax,” said Tricia Power, Bryant Animal Control director.

Thursday, Jan. 10, cats and dogs enjoyed the sounds of music while resting in their kennels.

Bryant Animal Control revealed after doing its own research, recent studies suggest audio books and sound help reduce stress in shelter animals.

So, the shelter reached out to the community asking if anyone had boom boxes up for donations.

That’s when 8-year-old Landon Tableriou took it upon himself to donate two boom boxes to the shelter in hopes the animals can find peace.

"It'll drowned out noise as people come and go and also other animals,” said Power. "We can't see the bag that they are caring when they come in, and nor can we see the items it contains, so we have no idea what it is they are dealing with on a behavioral and emotional level. People truly do care about these animals at the shelter even if they don't see them every day.”

Power can see a difference in the cats and dogs behavior while listening to music, especially cats. 

"It's all these little things that all stack up to create one big thing,” she said. “It makes such a positive impact on the animals' lives while they are here at the shelter.”

Since receiving the boom boxes, the shelter could use donated audio books or G-rated CD's.

If you are interested in making a donation, you can contact the shelter at 501-943-0943.