SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV ) — It's been nearly two years since Sherwood firefighter, Lieutenant Jason Adams, was shot and killed while responding to a medical emergency call while volunteering. On Wednesday afternoon, someone wanted to honor Jason by making an anonymous donation to the Sherwood Animal Shelter.

This donation is a big deal for the shelter because the donor sponsored the adoption fee for every animal there. That means people from the community can pick up their new family member for free.

Patricia Coors, an officer with the Sherwood Animal Shelter, said the anonymous donor wanted to make a donation in honor of Jason and his love for animals. Coors said the donor wanted to honor Jason by providing free adoptions for all the animals that were in the shelter that day.

“Jason really loved the animals at the shelter and enjoyed visiting them,” Coors said. “When he came to visit with the animals, he really enjoyed interacting with them and wanted to make sure they got a good home.”

Now, because of one kind donor and Jason's legacy, the animals have a better opportunity than ever before.

“The animals can be in a home to somebody who may not be able to afford an adoption fee,” Coors said.

Sherwood Fire Department Battalion Chief, Philip Flynn, said he feels proud about Jason's legacy and the donation made in his honor. He said Jason's life still impacts the entire station crew to this day.

“When he got here, Jason had already had a couple of times where he had fought off cancer,” Flynn said. “He came out with a keen sense of how valuable life really was and I think that factored into the incredible young man he was.”

Flynn said Adams was an incredible firefighter who had compassion for people in his community. He said Adams truly cared about serving people.

“It rubbed off on all of us,” Flynn said. “You couldn't work around him and not get a feel for all of that; you really couldn't.”

Flynn believes the shelter donation would have been extra meaningful to Jason because he had rescued 2 dogs of his own; Maggie and Booster.

“No dogs ever had a better home than what they had with Jason,” he said.

Flynn also believes Jason's memory will continue to make a difference in many lives.

“We all get into this job hoping to make a difference and there are some people that did it and did it exceptionally well,” he said. “Jason's one of them.”

At the time of the donation, there were nine animals available in the shelter. You can call or visit the Sherwood Animal Shelter to see if there are any still available for your family.