LITTLE ROCK, Ark — The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses across the country to shut down temporarily and that includes animal shelters.

The Little Rock Animal Village isn’t letting that stop them from helping animals find their forever home.

Last Saturday, Shelley Mollette and her family adopted Foxy, a young Pomeranian, from the Little Rock Animal Village.

“We’ve had her for a week and a day now and she's a doll,” said Shelley Mollette.

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Instead of going to the LRAV and picking out a dog, the family adopted their new pet online.

“It was super easy. We literally filled out an application and emailed it and once they checked everything over and they approved it, it we drove up and we had a gentleman bring her out to us. It was a simple easy process,” said Mollette.

It was first virtual adoption the Little Rock Animal Village had ever done since it was forced to shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We had to do something to keep the animals moving out,” said Tracy Roark, Manager of Little Rock Animal Services.

Tracy Roark, Manager of Little Rock Animal Services, said the LRAV is now accepting adoption applications online and doing curbside pet pickup while they are closed. Roark said while you may not be able to physically see the animal before taking it home, the volunteers are working hard to be as descriptive as possible online.

“We have a team going out with every animal, seeing how it relates to other dogs and how it does with food and trying to push them a bit to make sure they are going to be a great pet for a family,” said Roark.

Roark said while it's not an ideal process, it is saving lives. Since last Saturday, the LRAV has processed over 40 virtual adoptions.

“What we are doing now is going to change the way we do things in the future,” said Roark.

For the Mollette family, it was the perfect time to adopt.

“I think in general it would be a good time if you are able to work from home or are staying home right now, to take that opportunity and bring a pet into your home,” said Mollette.

You can download the application here. Link to Download application:

Or you can fill out the application and submit electronically here.

COVID-19 CLOSURE INFO Per the Mayor of Little Rock, all city facilities are to close on Wednesday, March 18th and remain closed until further notice as part of the city's efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. That includes the Little Rock Animal Village. Animal Services Officers will continue to provide services as usual.

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