The THV11 Weather Garden, once home to Larry and Joey the Garden Cat, seems to have invited a new guest, Jenny, to lounge around in the afternoon sun.

Jenny's story at THV11 began when her mom, a feral cat that we and Feline Rescue & Rehome were trying to trap for over a year, had five kittens in the front bushes right outside our studio.

Our goal was to trap the kittens and re-home them, but Jenny's mom moved them too quickly to a more secure place.

After about 10 months, Jenny returned and began hanging out in the parking lot and behind the THV11 Weather Garden. She was timid at first, but our own Nathan Scott began connecting with Jenny during the weekends.

Nathan also gave Jenny her name, to help with the connection process.

During the week, Theba (who cared for Larry and Joey) began feeding and working with Jenny to get her to stay mostly in the weather garden.

From there, the relationship began to blossom and Nathan and Theba noticed how talkative Jenny was.

For now, Jenny is hanging out with us in the weather garden but she's known to get into her own adventures so we're just loving the time she spends with us.