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North Little Rock group continues protest against 16-year pit bull ban

16 years ago, North Little Rock passed Breed Specific Legislation that banned pit bulls in the area.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL, was passed in North Little Rock 16 years ago that targeted pit bulls.

Courtney Mixon said that she's been attending city counsel meetings and protesting at city hall over the past seven years. 

Mixon is the co-founder of the North Little Rock group, Repeal BSL.

"I was a person who was scared of these type of dogs," Mixon said. 

"I grew up and there were so many dogs chained up and one actually I think bit my cousin. They're just using these dogs as guard dogs and not as family dogs."

She said that her husband convinced her that pit bulls are products of their environment and owners.

She continued, stating that it isn't fair for good owners to have to suffer behind stereotypes of the dog breed.

"If we lifted BSL and just had the vicious dog ordinance then the shelters could go after the neglectful owners," Mixon said.

Darlette C. Ewing is the owner of a four year-old bluenose pit bull named Jasmine.

Ewing had to move to Sherwood, away from city limits, in order to keep Jasmine because of the legislation over the specific breed.

"Pit bulls are the most gentle dogs I have ever had," Ewing said. 

"It amazes me that we can't discriminate against human beings, but we can discriminate against a breed of dog," she said.

Repeal BSL will be celebrating the global Anti-BSL Day this summer.