LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — On the football field, James Clark is a star, but it's on a different field where he really shines.

This is where the 11-year-old's vision has turned into reality. A vision that started months ago, on a bus ride home from school, when he noticed something.

"He sees a lot of people out there with their kids not able to have food," said James' mom, Jessica Williams.

His idea to feed the needy started small, but grew quickly. 

"His vision starting out was to feed 50," she remembered, "then he changed to 100."

But even that number wasn't big enough, after word got out on social media.

 "It's big," said James of the turnout. Total strangers stepped in and started sending money.

Getting to work in their own kitchens, making about 300 lunches.

With all the publicity, James became somewhat of a celebrity. 

"It's amazing when you go into Walmart and people recognize who your child is," said Jessica James. "Oh, that's the kid off Facebook."

Social media is one thing, but face to face is another. Taking time to connect to the less fortunate and to see those in need as people. This act earns James a new fan -- and for this little girl, and her family, something special. 

Here comes a bag full of kids clothes and shoes, in all the cool kid styles.

"Oh, that camo" James whistled as he looked at the shoes. He knows about style. Which explains his shirt because It's his design.

As a sixth grader, James has already designed seven different shirts, all with one goal. Selling shirts helps him pay for his vision of feeding the people who need it. 

"Follow your goals and follow your dreams," he explained. Dreams and goals that few 11-year-olds possess. Because this remarkable person already understands.

No matter how hard he hits on the football field, his biggest impact will always be felt by giving back.

James said he wants to feed the homeless again next year.

You can help by checking out his shirts on his Facebook page below.

James L. Clark III is our Rising Star Honoree. "J3" is the 11 year-old CEO of 718, a youth t-shirt line designed to stand against bullying and to raise awarenes... s to various health issues such as Lupus, Autism and Breast Cancer. He uses his profits to create snack and personal hygiene bags for the homeless.

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