LITTLE ROCK, Ark — When is the last time you walked outside and got to know your neighbors? A movement meant to bring people together and turn neighbors into friends is quickly catching on across the country.

All you need is a picnic table, some turquoise paint and a desire to get to know someone new.

“If you’re driving this way as soon as you see the turquoise table that's us,” Hope Wenneker said. 

Hope Wenneker first learned about the “The Turquoise Table” movement a year and a half ago when she stumbled upon a book signing in Dallas, Texas. 

The author, Kristin Schell, wanted to connect with her neighbors and build friendships, so she put an ordinary picnic table in her front yard, painted it turquoise, and began inviting friends and neighbors to join her.

“I came back home and read the book and a couple days later I decided this is what I want to do,” Wenneker said.

After doing some research Hope decided she wanted a table of her own. She found one online, painted it turquoise and put it in her front yard.

“At first you kind of just bring your laptop out, or bring a book and you kind of just enjoy the weather and wave to people here and there,” Wenneker said.

Slowly but surely, Hope said, neighbors started to stop by.

“I just love the idea of the Turquoise Table. I think everybody is looking for a sense of community and what better way than with the people you live around,” said neighbor, Dana Morgan.

From coffee dates to book clubs to neighborhood gatherings, more and more people started to fill the seats at the table.

“I’ve heard from a friend that they've seen another turquoise table in the Little Rock area so I hope to meet that person soon,” Wenneker said.

Wenneker said she’s hopeful to see more tables pop up in central Arkansas.

“I’m just hoping this will stir up some interest and more people will be encouraged to have their own table,” Wenneker said.

There are Turquoise Tables in all 50 states. To register your own table, visit their website.