LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Communication is always important, but it's especially important during a disaster.

That's why Verizon, alongside emergency responders and city officials from across the U.S., held a Disaster Preparation Drill in Little Rock -- the first one ever held in the state.

“We are exercising our ability to respond to a crisis and make sure our services are availed for our customers especially first responders,” Drill Leader Kent Kildow said.

Kildow said the reliability of cellular networks is critical when disasters hit -- open lines mean faster response time.

“This team is ready to respond to any extreme condition -- that includes hurricanes, tornados, train derailment chemical release, anything like that,” he said.

In this particular scenario, their team is reacting to a chemical spill.

First, the team makes a plan and gets prepped. Then, they suit up in hazmat suits with oxygen tanks, giving them a certain amount of time to get in and get the job done.

When they enter the building, they have different objectives, such as an air quality check and testing for the presence of chemicals in any room.

Once they check is complete and everything is cleared, they go back outside to get sanitized and washed off.

Kildow said these different drills keep them and the community safe.

Verizon also simulates active shooter situations and terror attacks.