LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Stories of two women who claim they were approached by a man at a gas station have been shared thousands of times on Facebook. They claim a man approaches them while they’re about to get gas and tries to lure them to his car to ‘help his girlfriend.’

Both refused to help, to which the man replied, “I guess you’re not the one today.”

The first alleged incident happened Friday night at the Valero on Highway 10 in Little Rock. The second happened at the Kroger gas station on Chenal. Several other women responded to their Facebook posts saying the same encounter happened to them.

We wanted to find out the best way to approach a situation like this, so we went to a self-defense instructor. Ann Marie Gibbs is a Krav Maga instructor and the owner of Krav Fit. She told us the girls handled the situation correctly by not going over to the car.

“That’s very important,” said Gibbs.

She told us this is why it is so important for people, especially women, to learn self-defense techniques. While she believes women should carry a weapon they’re skilled on whether a concealed carry, knife, stun-gun or mace, she also wants people to learn to use their body as a weapon.

Gibbs teaches people to kick, punch, elbow and knee when attacked. The first step is creating space if someone is getting to close. By putting your dominant foot back and holding your hands up in front of your face with your elbows in, you are in a fighting stance ready to fight back if the predator gets physical.

She also believes attackers are looking for easy targets.

“You always want to be upright, shoulders back, head up and paying attention to your surroundings," she said.

Gibbs encourages everyone to attend a self-defense class to at least learn the basic tips. As in any scary situation, report the incident to the police.