LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) -- A poisonous plant you may not recognize can cause a painful reaction if you come into contact with it. Wild parsnip is growing in parts of the state right now and it's spreading.

A poisonous, invasive weed is spreading across the country.

Chris H. Olsen with Botanica Gardens says it spreads quickly.

It's making its way into the state and eventually the way that it spreads so quickly, it could become very invasive."

Theo Witsell a botanist with Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission says the plant is already here in the state.

"It has been found in Benton County and Jefferson County."

Wild parsnip has yellow-green heads, can grow to around four feet, and typically flowers between May and July.

Olsen says It is often found in roadside ditches but also grows in fields and along bike paths.

"Once it starts in one area it keeps going, going and so on it could eventually reach much of the state."

Witsell warns of those areas too.

"Roadsides, old fields places that is where you find it escaping and naturalizing."

Witsell says if its sap gets on your skin, and the sun shines on it, you could be left with some serious burns and blisters.

"It's hazardous to humans if it's not handled properly. Especially, if you're using a weed eater around it and you're cutting it. It could sling the sap all over."

Anyone trying to remove it is advised to wear gloves, long sleeves, and long pants.