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Businesses struggle as supply shortage impacts nearly every industry

Companies have faced a supply shortage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as time goes on, doing business isn’t getting any easier for lot of industries.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Companies have faced a global supply shortage for some time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and as time goes on business isn’t getting any easier for a lot of industries.

"Foil has gone up significantly since we've come back from the pandemic,” said Miranda Nonnemacher, hairstylist at Studio C Salon.

Getting the foil in the salon is another challenge and other products like hairspray and other hair items take weeks longer to receive.

While some prices are higher, the salon is eating what they can for costs, so the supply issues don't impact customers.

"We've considered a price increase, but we don't want to hurt our clientele. So, there's that conversation we have to have also,” said Crystal Shoemake, owner of Studio C Salon.

Over in the kitchen at Pasta J's Italian, they continue to struggle to keep items they need.

"If someone finds Big Foot, I hope he's growing or making manicotti shells,” said Grant Kidd, president of Pasta J’s.

Kidd said getting nitrile gloves required by the state is hard, along with chicken and to-go boxes.

But next week, it could be something else.

"Every week you are short something different,” Kidd said.

A local economist, Dr. Michael Pakko, said everything from shortage of truck drivers to higher prices on shipping is complicating the problem of rebuilding supply lines as rapidly as demand is growing.

"I have beaten the bushes on local grocery stores and bakeries and anything I can," Kidd said. "You'd be surprised what you can find when you get out there and hustle."

Pakko said the shortages are likely to result in the higher prices we see.

"I mean just for example, [a 100 pack of gloves] would have been $10 for us, where it's almost $17 at this point,” said Shoemake.

Eventually as conditions stabilize, we should see smoothly functioning supply chains.

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