LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Social media is the hottest way to connect with the people and world around us. Most of us just do it for fun, but some do it for the cold hard cash.

In our social media money maker series, THV11 met some of the top social media gurus in Arkansas who have turned it into their part and full-time businesses. First to be featured is Joshua Price. Located in central Arkansas, Price is a full-time government worker and part time Instagram celebrity.

Joshua is a fashion guy who is teaching average Joes how to dress dapper through his Facebook, Instagram and online blog. He’s a guy you will rarely see without a suit on; whether he is at his day job in government or on social media where he moonlights as the Hybrid Gent.

The Hybrid Gent Instagram account

His Instagram page has over 30,000 followers from all over the world including Europe and Asia. He attracted many of these follower by his “chesties”, otherwise known as chest selfie photographs. He gained traction by featuring photos of himself in unique suits and accessories.

“The Hybrid Gent is a resource for young men and young professionals in their 20s, 30s and 40s that helps them learn how to dress professionally,” said Price. “If you see anything that I’m wearing in my photos that you like, you can reach out to me or click the link and find the exact same outfit just like that to purchase.”

While he is now helping many young men find their style, Price said that he hasn't always had a knack for fashion. When he started the Hybrid Gent, he never expected it would become a successful side business.

“I had just started a job where I had to be a little bit more professional at work and wear a suit every single day, but I only had a few suits so I thought I really had to step up my game,” said Price.

“That’s when I started getting on Instagram looking at other men to see how they dressed on their blogs and channels to get inspiration.”

That’s when Price started purchasing some new items and taking pictures of what he was wearing. He started asking people for their opinions and feedback and it started growing from there. Soon, he started purchasing Sprezza box, a subscription box that delivers ties, socks, and other dapper goodies every month. He started posting pictures with his new Sprezza merchandise and tagging the company in his photos. Sprezza took notice and started sending him tons of free stuff.

“Sprezza would repost my post on Instagram and I would get 800 followers in a day. It was crazy and I just started building.”

Sprezza soon signed him on as an affiliate and Price was able to make money by helping to sell Sprezza subscription boxes. That was so successful, he ended up getting additional affiliate contracts with multiple national and international brands. Now, he is constantly getting free accessories and making a percentage of company sales.

“It’s expanded beyond ties and pocket squares to even custom suits.”

Now, the Hybrid Gent has officially become his part-time business. When he's not working his day job, he's putting together outfits, modeling and posting on Instagram.

“I’ll wear a suit to work, come home, and if there’s still enough lighting, I’ll bust out my selfie stick and take a picture,” he said.

Price said he thinks he has made it big by being your average guy who happens to wear suits.

“People want to see someone that they can relate to because sometimes if you see a 6’2” really ripped model, the average guy can’t really relate to a guy like that.”

His social media money making success has opened doors of opportunity galore and he's hoping it'll become his full-time gig someday. He is now even working on his own pocket square company.

“With my name notoriety and these other brands asking me to come on and promote their brand, my brand is able to come out there a little more.”

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