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Arkansas restaurants getting the cold shoulder headed into Valentine's Day

With cold temperatures coming to town this weekend, restaurants are keeping an eye on the forecast to decide whether they'll have to close or not.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Valentines Day is a holiday all about love and warmth. With cold temperatures coming to town this weekend, that's left Little Rock getting the cold shoulder.

"We actually had a great week leading up until the cold weather hit," John Brandenberger, owner of Community Bakery in SoMa, said. "When that happened, we had a pretty significant drop in sales."

Community Bakery isn't the only one bracing for the cold. Other restaurants, like Petit and Keet and Raduno, are keeping their eye on the forecast.

"It all comes down to Sunday," Jake Keet, co-owner of Petit and Keet, said. "Right now, we're still looking great for Friday and Saturday."

That cold makes it hard to get people to visit, even with the holiday.

"It takes an extra push to get people motivated to get out and stay safe and come dine with us," Raduno owner Bart Berlogie said.

"Ice is not the same as snow," Brandenberger said. "That's what's different about Arkansas cold weather is you get that ice."

All three restaurants say they'll keep an eye on the forecast, and make a decision closer to Sunday on if they'll open.

"Obviously, if it gets too bad, then we'll just shut it down and wait for another day, you know?" Berlogie said. "It's just not worth an extra few bucks to stay open."

"We have to watch the road conditions very carefully to make sure we are always keeping their safety in the forefront of any decision we make," Keet said.

All three restaurants are planning on staying open for Sunday, unless weather forces them to close. To-go meals are available for pick-up at all of them.

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