LITTLE ROCK, Ark — The Downtown Little Rock Partnership spokesperson said there are a lot of options and variety of restaurants downtown, and they’re optimistic about what’s to come.

"I have experience of opening a restaurant in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, here we have the best customers," A.W. Lins Owner Andy Liu said.

The A.W. Lins on Chenal will be expanding.

"Hopefully, we'll do well there and customers will love us," Lins said.

He said he has loyal customers who travel across town.

"A lot of them live in North Little Rock and downtown area, so it's kind of far for them to come here," Lins said.

The expansion is something the Little Rock Downtown Partnership is excited about.

"A.W. Lins, which is going to be opening on the 300 Block of Main Street, it's going to be opening Monday. It's very exciting. We're very excited to have another option here downtown to join folks like Samantha's and Brewski's and Soul Fish and Bruno's," Executive Director Gabe Holmstrom said.

He said more business is already on the horizon.

"A.W. Lins is opening at a time right along with the A.C. Marriott over at Capitol and Louisiana, so that's a new 114 room hotel that will be opening in an area of the city that hasn't seen a hotel in a long time," Holmstrom said.

Holmstrom said the community is excited about downtown, which has gotten the momentum going.

"One of the fascinating things to think about is, it wasn't six years ago that there were zero restaurants in this little stretch," Holmstrom said.

But, there's still more to be done before it reaches its full potential.

"In five years, I'd really like to see a lot more public art. I'd love to see the Boil Building, the big, tall, white building at the corner of Capitol and Main, I'd love to see that renovated," Holmstrom said.

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