LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — SOMA District's Dos Rocas, a farm to table restaurant featuring homemade Latin American street food, the best of Arkansas craft beer, and fresh margaritas has a new name: Mockingbird Bar & Tacos.

According to Rock City Eats, owners of the Root Cafe on South Main Street, Jack Sundell and Corri Bristow-Sundell, are the new sole owners of Mockingbird Bar & Tacos, which opened last year as Dos Rocas.

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As of Thursday, Oct. 24, the restaurant has been rebranded and features an updated menu that pays homage to Dos Rocas and Latin American foodways, while emphasizing the locally grown food that is Jack and Corri’s calling card.

“Our former partners left for personal reasons and Dos Rocas was their story,” says Jack Sundell. “We want to make it our story and that’s the genesis of Mockingbird.”

Mockingbird Bar & Tacos is located on 1220 S Main Street in Little Rock, Ark.

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