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New business will go into your home, car or business and spray everything down to kill viruses

A Little Rock coach bus company is helping people keep their homes and cars clean with a new sanitation business.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — A Little Rock coach bus company is helping people keep their homes and cars clean with a new sanitation business.

Constantly cleaning has become a new normal for many of us. Cary Martin is making it his new business venture.

"Folks are very cognizant of sanitation now. We're just getting started," Martin Said.

Martin is the owner of Little Rock tours, a motor coach company that buses groups of people all over the country.

"It was just a very abrupt halt. All of that business when this virus broke out," he said.

He bought special equipment to completely sanitize every square inch of his buses. People saw what he was doing, and started requesting for him to spray down their homes and vehicles, too.

"We've never had the degree of equipment we do now. We went out and bought the foggers and we now have the hospital grade, industrial strength chemicals," Martin said. "We've done offices, homes, fleets of vehicles. Churches and day cares."

The company is called "The Virus Buster." A crew goes in with protective gear and completely sprays down everything with a misting gun.

"It sprays a mist that's electrostatically charged and it disperses through the air and kills all the surfaces and kills the germ on contact," Martin said.

No one can be in the building when crews are spraying, but Cary said it is completely safe once it dries down.

"The chemical we use cleans 99.9 percent of all the germs and viruses. It's not just the COVID-19, flu viruses, too," he said.

"The Virus Buster" has also given some of his staff a job.

"I have folks that want to work, and this is an opportunity to do something that is helpful and will hopefully help others get their businesses back on track as we recover from this virus," Martin said.

Cary believes this is a business venture that will stick around for a long time.

"We anticipate that as companies begin to open their doors, welcome their employees back, we think there's going to be an increased demand for this," he said.

To contact The Virus Buster, call (501) 868-7287 or visit their website www.TheVirusBuster.com.

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