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Little Rock father-son sauce business announces deal with Walmart

You’ve read about it in magazines and you’ve probably tasted it at your last barbeque. Now, this small Arkansas business has made it to the big leagues — Walmart.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — “I don’t care if it’s two degrees in a blizzard, go get the sauce!”

The Truth Sauce is a booming Arkansas father and son business duo we introduced you to last year.

“When I discovered Truth Sauce, it was a hit,” owner Keith Tucker Jr. said.

Now, he's preparing for what a lot of entrepreneurs call a dream.

“Truth Sauce is at Walmart right now," Tucker Jr. said. "We’re starting out at the Walmart on Shackleford and also Walmart on McCain.”

Walmart — a huge goal for almost any retail entrepreneur and the excitement is evident — especially from Keith Tucker Sr., as he watches his son make his dreams a reality.

“And he said, ‘Nawww I’m in!’ and I just.. I said, ‘you in what?’ He said, ‘I’m in Walmart, I’m getting in Walmart. I said ‘Wow.’ I was just overjoyed,” Tucker Sr. said.

His son, Keith Tucker III and president of the Truth Sauce, had no doubts about this business making it to the next level.

“I knew it was gonna happen, just off of his drive and his work ethic,” Tucker III said.

Expanding the sauce and seasoning world, creating jingles for your next summer barbecue, to a fast break down the court with his own inter-city youth basketball team — Team Truth.

“You know kids can do anything in the world and it’s easy to get in trouble these days," Tucker Jr. said. "So we really wanted to take these kids, show them a positive light and tell them they can do something outside of the street activity.”

Tucker Jr. said on his journey, his goal is to touch the youth of Arkansas, teaching them no dream is too big.

“For me to have the presence in the Black community, in all communities, it’s a blessing, I’m forever grateful," Tucker Jr. said. "You know, continue to show our youth and adults that you can do something positive in the community, with just hard work, dedication and God, of course.”

With a success that will continue for generations, Tucker Jr.’s father and son are excited to see where this new venture in the world’s largest retailer.

“Global," Tucker III said. "I see it global. All around the United States and all around the country.”

“That’s my son. I just… You can’t wait, you can’t wait, because I’m gonna be braggin’," Tucker Sr. said. "Even when I go in Walmart, I’m gonna go by that isle just so I can tell people, ‘That’s my son’s sauce!”

The award-winning sauce is now in select Walmart stores, and while this story was in the making, Performance Foodservice announced The Truth Sauce would now be in 4,000 locations.

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