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Martinsville Brewery is Indiana's first to serve soft serve beer

Don't call it beer ice cream though. There is no dairy included.

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — “It’s alcohol in soft serve format," said Cedar Creek Brewing's assistant brewer Brandon Fry. "Where else have you ever seen that?” 

You’ve probably never ordered a beer in an ice cream cone before.

“We want to bring something new to the customer that we think they’ll enjoy," Fry said. "Not just grab their attention but make sure we have something that is fun and new for them to enjoy.” 

Cedar Creek Brewery in Martinsville is the first place in Indiana where you can get soft serve beer.

“It’s such a cool product. The fact that whatever beer or spirit you put in is the same alcohol going in as coming out," Fry said. "Everybody seems to have really enjoyed it. It’s just such a really different kind of way to have your beer and, in the future, wine or spirits.” 

They got the idea by going to breweries in Chicago who had the machines, then picked one up from the Chicago-based company Below Zero. 

"I saw the social media response to it from some of the other breweries that have been doing it," Fry said. "It was truly a one-off serendipitous type of scenario where it was, 'Hey I saw this, I thought it was a great idea.' The Breweries that have it have been having wonderful success with it. It looks cool. It gets attention."

Don't call it beer ice cream though. There is no dairy included.

"Unless the beer has dairy in it, it will not add dairy, it will not add gluten," Fry said. "You can get people to have something like a soft serve without any dairy additive."