CLARKSVILLE, Ark. — According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, a Clarksville man has claimed $70,000 from the Arkansas Scholarship Claim Center.

Neil Smith purchased four of the $3 scratch-off game, Win 10X, from Tobacco Town in Clarksville and he won big!

“I usually buy the $1 or $2 tickets, but I just sold a washing machine and decided to treat myself with a couple of lottery tickets for entertainment,” he said.

He said he didn't win on the first two tickets, but on the third one, he won the top prize!

“Holy cow! Now, that’s a winner,” was his first thought when he realized he had a winning ticket. “I ran into the store to check the ticket to make sure my eyes weren’t playing some cruel joke on me! I scanned it on the ticket checker about ten times.”

Smith was so happy from winning, that he had his wife, Rita, scratch the fourth ticket.

“I always dreamed of owning a home for my family of seven. My family has had the worst luck with landlords,” Smith told lottery officials. “I went back to my vehicle and told my wife that we could finally make a down payment on a house!"

Smith said her face immediately turned red and her eyes filled with tears.

“Then she told me that we didn’t win on the last ticket,” Smith chuckled.

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