ST. LOUIS — Are you looking to gift an adorable young pet to a loved one this holiday season? The Better Business Bureau suggests you give it some extra consideration before filling out the adoption papers.

Citing complications of pet ownership, BBB warned prospective pet owners should first evaluate the schedule of the future owner, as well as their needs first. Those purchasing the animals should also carefully research the breeder or organization the pet to avoid any potential health problems.

Additionally, prospective and current pet owners should use caution when choosing holiday diets for their household pets. BBB, alongside the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, issues alerts for various treats frequently given to pets around the holidays.

BBB suggested an alternative — a 'pet voucher' — which can be used to pick out a pet after the holiday season for those who may decide to purchase at a later time to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

BBB said Missouri is "among the top states for so-called 'puppy mills.'