BUY IT NOW: Save $10 off on The Neck Hammock

After you’ve stretched, looked up yoga poses, taken ibuprofen, and tried every trick in the book to get rid of neck pain with no results, what else can you do? Hang your head in a hammock, apparently. Next time your neck pain gets unbearable, grab The Neck Hammock and take a load off.

This weird contraption may look silly, but don’t judge a book by its cover! The Neck Hammock is a simple, portable, therapeutic device that provides daily neck pain relief in 10 minutes or less. Not only can it help relieve the occasional pinched nerve, but it also helps to improve posture, eliminate tension headaches, and rejuvenate your neck and shoulders. Simply wrap the Neck Hammock’s strap around a railing, pole, or doorknob, lay your head in the cradle, and allow the pain to drift away.

Sure, you could just head to a physical therapist or chiropractor to help with your neck pain, but that can quickly take its toll on your bank account. So Dr. Steve Sudell, a certified athletic trainer and doctor of physical therapy, invented this funky little gadget. While it probably won’t make all your neck problems miraculously disappear, it will help with the chronic text neck we all suffer from.

Usually clocking in at $49.99, you can save 20% and get The Neck Hammock for just $39.99 now on

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