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BUY IT NOW: $24 off Super Beam Emergency Tactical torch with batteries, deluxe carrying case and free shipping

During the last month I've become a flashlight expert. In addition to the 14 different flashlights I tested in one week as part of an upcoming piece for The Shopping Channel, I've endured several storms and a short-lived power outage.

There is a stark different between this tactical military-grade flashlight and the countless other flashlights you can buy at the dollar store or hardware store.
The military-grade flashlight is brighter, life-proof and outfitted with emergency features-like SOS mode.

In the event of a hurricane, blackout, storm or something as simple as a late-night dog walk, you want reliability. The Super-Beam Emergency Tactical Torch takes everything you know about a mag-light and torchlight and combine both into one compact device

With up to 10 hours of top-notch performance from two included C batteries and a carrying case that's nicer than my first apartment, the tactical torch deal I found today also doubles as a great Father's Day Gift.

Can you go on to Amazon and find another "super bright" flashlight for $15? Yes you can. You'll learn very quickly that it's not nearly as bright, the SOS mode is unlikely present and if it is, no one will see you from the same distance. The flashlight provides an unprecedented 525 feet of visibility which cannot be found in any other product for the same price.

A proper military grade tactical flashlight typically costs at least $55. The deal I found today scores you that same performance for half price. Click the play button to see this light in action.

Features of the Super-Beam Emergency Tactical Torch:

  • Brightest light you can buy for under $50.
  • It packs a 140LM for a distance of 525 feet.
  • Multiple lighting modes including SOS Emergency LED program.
  • Distress SOS mode keeps you visible to emergency responders.
  • Ideal for camping, fishing and hunting.
  • Weather-resistant and shock-resistant.
  • Your best friend during a blackout.
  • Great for dog-walking.
  • Performed better than 14 different flashlights at double the price.
  • Lowest-recorded price today.
  • Special carrying case and batteries included.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life.

BUY IT NOW: $24 off Super Beam Emergency Tactical torch with batteries, deluxe carrying case and free shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $25.99


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