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Meet Sam, the kid selling ice cream for his college fund

Young entrepreneur alert! Meet Sam Turner, a Bryant 7th grader and founder of Sam's College Fund Ice Cream, who runs his own business at just 12 years old.

BRYANT, Ark. — It's that time of year where neighborhood kids set up lemonade or ice cream stands to make a little cash, but for one boy in Bryant, it's a year-round job. 

He plans to put save his profits and put them toward his future. 

"I want to go to big schools and I know they cost a lot more, so I thought that would be a good idea to start so I can know I can most likely get there," Sam Turner said.

But that's not the only dream Turner has.

"I've dreamt about running my own business since I was about 7 or 8. It's really cool because I never thought it would be like this," Turner said.

It would be a tough one-person job delivering ice cream down the street, but Sam's not alone. He has a lot of help from his family. 

"It's expanded now, it was just a warm weather thing and now we actually have a push cart that goes with it so we do special events, weddings, stuff like that as well," Sam's mother, Rikki Turner said.

Turner said her favorite part of running the business is the quality time she gets to spend with her family. 

"It's very very special," she said.

"It's about 20-25 hours a week, depending on if we have a really busy week it's up to 30 to 33," Sam Turner elaborated.

Every time neighbors hear the music from Sam's stand, they start lining up. 

"When they hear that ice cream truck it's like grabbing grandma saying c'mon, let's go, it's the ice cream truck!... it's amazing," Rikki Turner said.

And the Turners aren't stopping there, since Sam still has big plans for the business's future. 

"There's not really a lot of snocone stands in the area so I kind of wanted to expand and make it Sam's college fund snocone stand so I could run two at the same time," Sam Turner said.

He also hopes to hire more kids to work with him in the future. 

So far, Sam said he has about $2,000 saved up for college and hopes to go to Stanford or Harvard, though he has some time to figure that out.

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