How tired are you today? If you're reading this, chances are you or someone in your household has sleep issues.

The product we just finished testing could help you, a child or an infant sleep better.

Sleep experts work with all sorts of light and sound systems to sooth the senses and help patients sleep. If you've struggled with insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep, I have a winner on my hands today.

Tested heavily in Toronto and New York City - two of the busiest cities in the world - one gadget created the ultimate white noise buffer. It masked sirens, construction noise and barking dogs with an aura of tranquility.

The Ocean Wave Night Light and sound soothing speaker is a top-rated, well-reviewed product we were eager to test. Did it help all of us sleep better? No. It helped 78% of our test group while the rest of the people involved simply loved the product. It could be a great gift or just used to create atmosphere.

Click the play button to hear the sounds and see this product in action

- Sound machine includes ocean, breeze, nature, birds and other sleep-inducing sounds
- LED system creates an ocean wave on your ceiling with advanced sleep-inducing LED patterns
- You can control the color and lights
- Can be used with virtually any smartphone to play your own music
- 12 LED and 7 brightness modes
- Auto shut off functions
- Great for kids or a nursery
- Brings a "spa" to your bedside
- Top rated sleep and sound machine on Amazon
- Outperformed knock-off products at slightly lower prices

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