It protects your cash, your cards and your identity. It's made in the USA, it was invented by a veteran, it supports heroes and small local business. How is that not a complete win for your wallet? Oh, and it's also an ingenious wallet.

In my more than a decade of testing products and tech, I encounter many clever items - but I will go as far to say that the leather minimalist wallet I now use every day is brilliant.

Bulky wallets are an invitation for theft, pick-pockets and a quick way to have your identity stolen in seconds. Your credit cards or cash could easily fall out of most typical wallets (particularly those for men). Over time those wallets get stretched and become more problematic.

One minimalist wallet changes all of that!

Click the play button to watch our interview with the veteran who makes this wallet. Features include:

- Slider technology keeps your credit cards and cash more safe
- Made of high quality durable leather
- Made in the USA by a veteran-run small business
- Works as a front or back pocket wallet
- Theft deterrent
- More discreet and secure than most competing wallets
- One of the thinnest wallets in the world
- On sale today in honor of Father's Day
- Can be enjoyed by men or women of any age

$20 Off Slider Leather Minimalist Wallets + Free Gift Box + Free Shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $29.99

Want a wallet for free? I'm giving some out to those on this deal list.

This TV station does not benefit from any purchase. The only purpose of this column is to save you cash!