It's the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put down at night. You probably spend hours staring at it every day. And there's a good change you spent hundreds of dollars on it.

Your smartphone isn't - it's a vital and expensive part of your life. So why not get get everything you can out of it?

Here are 4 gadgets that can protect your phone while helping it do more and last longer.

1. A case that can triple your battery life

There are few things as annoying as an iPhone battery going dead or dropping your phone and having to say goodbye to an $800 investment. This case can get you an additional 17 hours of talk time while helping protect your iPhone 7 or 8. If you've ever carried a power bank, you can say goodbye to the tech clutter today too.

Click here to get the Surgit iPhone Battery Case for $24.99-$34.99

2. A Bluetooth earpiece that allows you to cut the cord

Bluetooth earpieces for smartphones usually have cumbersome pairing modes and limited call amplification, and they force you to use even more cords and chargers. Who actually wants to carry around a second charger? The device is incredibly tiny, doesn't require a cable for charging and is more powerful than anything its price range.

Click here to get the ARCHEER V4.1 Mini Bluetooth Earbud for $15.99 with Amazon Prime

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3. A device that turns your smartphone into a movie projector

Your favorite movies and television shows no longer have to stay trapped on your phone. This is one of the smallest and brightest smartphone projectors on the market, and it can bring your video and photos to life on a wall-size screen.

Click here to get the DBPOWER RD-810 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector for $73.99

4. A $10 bag that waterproofs your smartphone

You don't have to spend $80 on a case to protect your phone when you're on the water or at the beach. This will only cost you $11, and it allows you to continue using your existing smartphone case.

Click here to get the iMagitek Dry Bag Pouch for $9.99

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station, Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here. Prices are subject to change at any time and products are expected to sell out.