CLEVELAND, OH — Making your home or life more smart is no longer science fiction! All week long, I have the honor of introducing you to the newest in smart technology to keep your world more connected. Yesterday was all about travel; today, it's about your home!

How dirty are your floors or carpets right now? How is that spring cleaning going? What about the carpets? When I profiled a robo vac deal last season, it sold out in under three hours.

If you missed out, today a brand new smart robo vac that's on sale for under $180 outperformed the Roomba 960 which costs $699! In our tests, this smart vac not only cleaned well, it did something no other robo vacuum in its class does: offer scheduled cleaning so it can be programed to clean your home, office, apartment or condo when you're not home!

At under $180 this week as part of a spring cleaning promotion, the RoboPur vacs slide under couches, cabinets and tables reaching dirt our arms and hands cannot access.

Combined with a little elbow grease from time to time, a human and a robo vac are the best possible cleaning solution. This is also the key to making an allergy-free home a reality.

Click the play button to watch our robo vac tests!

- New smart technology allows you to program vac around your schedule

- Smart infrared sensors combine for better vac navigation

- Smart suction technology captured more dirt and dust than any other unit we tested

- Brushless suction design prevents clogs

- Ideal for those with allergies

- Trapped more cat and dog hair than any system in a similar price range

- Edge sensors can detect stairs and keep robo vac safe

- Ultra slim profile allows robo vac to pass under most couches and cabinets

- Your key to an allergy-free safety zone

- Much quieter than competing vacs

- Lowest-recorded price today

- Includes docking station, additional brush heads and accessories

$200 Off New Smart Programmable RoboPur Vacuum + Accessories + Free Delivery

Was: $369.99

Now: $169.99

***Deal just sold out but a $99 version of the Robo vac with different accessories is available here.


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