WICKES, Ark. — According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, a Shreveport woman claimed a lottery prize worth $1 million after playing the lottery's $20 instant-ticket game, Millionaires Club.

The top prize amount for the Millionaires Club is $1 Million and now there are two top prizes left.

Tiffany Schubert bought the ticket from the E-Z Mart on Hwy 71 in Wickes on Tuesday afternoon. She was traveling with her family to visit relatives in the area.

“My husband, Thomas, and I stopped at the gas station to buy a carton of cigarettes because they’re cheaper in Arkansas than Louisiana,” Schubert said.

While standing in line, the couple decided to purchase some lottery tickets separately.

“I seldom play the lottery, so Thomas encouraged me to buy a $20 ticket,” she said. “I scratched the ticket off in the car and didn’t think it was real. I thought someone gave me a fake ticket.”

“When I realized the win was real, I told my husband, and he kept asking me if I was kidding with him,” Schubert laughs.

Schubert plans to pay her tithes and donate to her church with her winnings.

“I’m still in shock! I just keep thanking Jesus for this blessing. He’s the only reason that we won," she said. "We haven’t scratched my husband’s tickets yet. We’re still excited about my win!”

Schubert is the 70th person that has won a lottery prize worth $1 million or more in Arkansas since 2009.

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