LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Other than your house and car payments, things like groceries and online shopping can put a huge dent in your budget. In fact, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady, Joanie Demer, groceries tend to be the second highest cost to families right after their mortgage! 

THV11 caught up with Demer to teach you easy steps to save on both groceries and online purchases without ever clipping a coupon. No scissors required.

Let's start out with saving cash on groceries and household items. Here are some easy apps to download to save the most money with the least amount of effort. The first two are specifically recommended by Demer.

1. Krazy Coupon Lady App
This app has people out in stores daily finding you the best deals and coupons on products. These people also work to best pair them with sales. Plus, to make life easier for you, within the app you can select exactly what stores you shop at and what brands you buy the most. The app can send you alerts when it finds deals on those items.

Ready to make the grocery aisle, box store, or online shopping space your personal catwalk?
Search printable coupons and online deals for Target, Walmart, CVS, Amazon, & Walgreens. Find coupon codes and apps, and learn how to save money and live rich.

2. Ibotta
This app is great for getting discounts in the form of rebates that can be cashed out in gift cards or through programs like Paypal. In the app, see what rebates are available at the stores you're shopping at, scan your receipt in the app and watch the money come back to you.


The name says it all. It can show you what coupons they’ve curated for the stores you’re shopping at. Simply click and add them to your coupon list right in the app.

*Demer also mentioned that it is important to download the apps for stores you’re shopping with to see if there are any additional coupons.

Here are some resources to save on online purchases:

It's a program that you can tack on directly to your browser that finds you coupon codes at checkout. Literally one click and Honey will do all the searching for you. They also have an app platform as well.

2. Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates

Rakuten gives you cash back just for clicking through the Rakuten app first before you shop. It will give you back a percentage of your purchase cost based on the store. Common cash back amounts range from one to 12 percent or more.

3. and

These are both websites where you can buy gift cards other people don’t want for discounted prices (think spending 20 bucks for a 25 dollar gift card). You can also sell gift cards you don’t want and get some of the cash back (think getting 22 dollars back for a gift card valued at 25 bucks that you know you’d never use).

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