LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Temperatures are slowly but surely rising around the state, but now some people are seeing the brunt of winter with increases in their Entergy bill. One Greenbrier couple contacted THV11 after receiving the highest bill every just days ago.

After being charged more than $400, the Kelso family was surprised to find others in their area with similar experiences.

Entergy said that Greenbrier has a lot of old electric homes and that, among other things, could be a reason for the spike.

“There was one lady who posted her bill was $1,000,” Joy Kelso said.

Arkansans saw true winter like temperatures this year as opposed to last January.

“Some people say they set their thermostat at 68 degrees and leave it alone. Well on those really cold days, when you set it at 68 it takes a lot more energy to heat your home,” Ventrell Thompson, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, said.

Setting your thermostat lower may seem like a good idea, but could result in a higher bill.

Kelso was shocked and concerned after receiving her first Entergy bill of the year.

"I got my energy bill for this month and it is more than double what I normally pay, it's the highest I’ve ever paid,” she said.

She took to the “Greenbrier News You Should Know” Facebook group and found others in her area were experiencing the same thing.

“There were like 180 comments on this one thing posted. Not everyone has seen higher bills, but a lot of people have seen doubled and tripled bills from this post,” Kelso said.

Entergy said people shouldn't be seeing any extra additional charges and if you are, contact them.

“First I'd say that customers need to make sure they're servicing their units. When they aren't serviced, they may not be running efficiently. Second thing, check space heaters. They use a lot of electricity,” Thompson said.

Leaving cords plugged in electrical outlets pulls on energy overtime, as well as opening and closing doors frequently.

Windows that aren't sealed properly could also be letting heat out and costing you.

“The charges that appear on a customer's bill have been there at least since this time last year. Periodically, the Arkansas Public Service Commission approves increases, and sometimes decreases, to charges on the bill,” Thompson said.

Entergy encourages anyone with questions or concerns to contact them. They are also encouraged to take advantage of free customer options like energy efficiency and levelized billing to decrease fluctuations. There's also bill assistance