Winning the lottery just once is a pretty unforgettable experience for anyone of any age.

Winning it twice, sure, that’s pretty unforgettable, too.

Winning it twice in one week? Alright, that’s pretty incredible.

Winning it twice in one week at the age of 19? Well, Rosa Dominguez, you may have just taken the cake.

That’s exactly what happened, though, and now Dominguez is about $655,555 the richer as a result.

Dominguez purchased two $5 tickets within about a week of each other and both of the tickets were winners, according to the California Lottery.

The 19-year-old winner was driving back from Arizona when she decided to buy a Power 5 ticket at a gas station in San Luis Obispo County. Dominguez scratched the ticket and to her fortune, she found she had just won the top prize of $555,555.

A few days later, the lucky lady, still reeling from winning more than half a million dollars, tried again at another nearby gas station.

Dominguez purchased a single $5 ticket, and lo and behold, it turned out to be worth $100,000.

Not too shabby for someone still technically considered a teenager.