United Nations Ambassador and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley sat down with News19’s Andrea Mock on Friday to talk about Haley’s thoughts on the latest UN Security Council meeting, her first year as an ambassador, and what her expectations are moving forward.

Haley did not hesitate to voice her frustrations during Thursday’s UN meeting about the focus on the Israel-Palestine conflicts. Haley said the UN needs to concentrate on other, more dangerous global threats such as Iran.

VIDEO: Amb. Nikki Haley's Full Interview

“Iran is a very strong threat and it’s one that doesn’t get talked about enough,” Haley said during her interview with Andrea Mock. “They are violating every rule under the UN Resolution. We’re going to continue to be loud about that.”

Haley said she plans to take the UN Security Council to Washington, D.C. to show them physical evidence of Iran’s missile movement and violations of the certain UN resolutions. Haley also talked about her recent trip to Afghanistan to visit the troops and get a first-hand look at President Trump’s military strategy.

Haley said his strategy appears to be working.

“The government is moving, the status of women is changing, ISIS is starting to move out, the Taliban is starting to recede,” Haley said. “We’re starting to see all of that come together.”

President Donald Trump and Haley have kept a solid relationship despite the high turnover rate of the president’s high-power officials and cabinet members. Haley said her experience as governor has helped her relate to the president.

“I know what the President wants,” “I really just stay focused on my job, make sure we’re communicating with the public on what the United Nations does, focus on negotiations that will move the ball for the United States and make sure that we’re bringing peace and security.”

“He really lets me do whatever I think is best.”

North Korea is another global threat that seems to loom over the United States. For Haley she said that is a threat that is monitored daily.

“We’re seeing that they’re starting to do intercontinental ballistic missile which is a real concern,” “We see how advanced it is now. They continue to threaten us and when you look at all of that, we have to take it seriously.”

Haley said the past year has unpredictable as she has transitioned into her role as a UN Ambassador but she has enjoyed the career change thus far. As far as her future political moves, Haley said she is happy to serve the country as a UN Ambassador and “whatever happens next just comes.”

“I’m going to continue doing the best job I can while I can,” Haley said. “Then when it’s time to move on, I will.”