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Arkansas Better Business Bureau warns of scams claiming to 'cure' coronavirus

Anything that proclaims to be a "cure" or "vaccine" for the respiratory disease COVID-19 is a scam, as there isn't a current approved cure or vaccine.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Arkansas Better Business Bureau is seeing an uptick of possible scams involving the new coronavirus as it continues to spread.

"Anytime there's something newsworthy, it's an opportunity for the scammers," Janet Robb said.

Janet Robb with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau is seeing complaints about all sorts of scams.

"Anything that proclaims to be a cure or preventive alternative to a quote 'deadly virus' is what's really popping up right now," she said.

There is no approved cure or vaccine. But, doctors are working on both. So, it's important to do your research before buying anything that claims to help with the virus.

"Some of the scams are for 'natural remedies' so they are not FDA approved," Robb said.

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The virus has also caused a shortage of face masks.

"Medical experts say unless you're sick, do not wear a mask. It provides no protection. If you are sick, you should wear a mask," Robb said.

But Robb said consumers are getting ads for face masks from companies that are not reputable.

"I saw an ad today for one that's on sale! It said 50 percent off. It claimed to eliminate and screen you from all deadly viruses," she said.

Robb said these sites are unclear what exactly they are made of.

"Is it anything more than just a piece of cotton? That you may tie around your face?" she asked.

Double-check these companies before giving them your credit card information.

"If you give your credit card to that company to order masks and either the masks don't show up or your card is compromised, you can't find the company, and neither can we," Robb said.

Watch out for suspicious links in your email or on social media as well.

"[They will say] there's a special vaccine available now, click here for more information. When you click, it downloads malware," Robb said.

To read more about the BBB's warning about coronavirus scams, click here.

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